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Gold, Silver and Turquoise Cuff


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This unassuming, but enormously talented jeweler is best known for his classic, understated designs. Here, he has reverted to a more traditional style, that is still timeless and elegant.

His favorite style is a band of hand stamped 14-karat gold, over a sterling silver base. On that, he has superimposed a traditional design of feather fans that flank a gorgeous, top-quality, natural Kingman turquoise. This design was and is often seen in buckles and ketohs – leather armbands that protect archers’ wrists. Here, however, the proportions and details of the applied piece are restrained and characteristically elegant.

The centerpiece is a superb, natural, water web Kingman turquoise in a gorgeous teal. Look closely, the surface of the stone is covered with subtle, water-drop markings. The turquoise is of such high quality that is is cut into a rectangle, without crumbling at the edges.As befits a stone of this splendor, it is set in a hand-chiseled bezel, framed by a twisted rope bezel and the slightly convex feather fans – all in 14-karat gold.

Luxurious as the materials are, the proportions and design are, as in all of Herbert Begaye’s work, discreet and tasteful. The stone and its its setting overlap the chiseled gold band, but do not extend beyond the edge of the cuff, which lends the design an understated beauty, despite the precious materials.

Meticulous workmanship, combined with opulent materials and design, add up to an extraordinary bracelet. The restraint and exquisite proportions of the design allow you to wear it every day, if you like; it will stack beautifully with others, and looks stunning on its own.

Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, Natural Kingman Turquoise

Total Size: 8 5/8″ Cuff Size: 7 1/4″ Gap Size: 1 3/8″ Width: 5/8″