Gold-Orange Glass Jar


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Let the sunshine in, with this stunner by the foremost Native American hot-blown glass artist, whose reputation is international.

Tony is a colleague of Dale Chihuly, the internationally recognized grand master of blown art glass. He created a hot-glass school in Taos, modeled after Chihuly’s famous Boat House studio in Tacoma, Washington. It has already developed a new generation of Native glass artists.

Tony, himself, is one of a mere handful of Native glass artists, and one of the only ones who works only in the very difficult hot-blown glass technique. He started as a potter, and most of his pieces reflect traditional pottery forms.

Here, the classic pottery form is the traditional part; the delicious citrus palette, stripes of boldly contrasting color, and the glass medium itself, are totally today.

Starting out as a clear glass piece, it blazes in a gorgeous, incandescent golden orange. The melon-hued glass was blown over the clear base. The swathes of graphic decoration are eye-catching; masterful touches that create a dramatic interplay with the glowing gold.

The dramatic broad stripes, edged with narrow streaks of lemony yellow, were applied after the basic shape was formed, while the glass was still molten-hot on the rod. So were the plump, circular ” lifesavers” centered with organic ovals of blazing red rosarita. Rosarita is a vivid red material, formed from the remains of the day’s work at the “glory hole”.

Despite the commanding presence of this spectacular piece, the versatile size fits easily on a shelf or window ledge, as well as tabletops and mantels.

Complex in execution, requiring supreme control of the medium, and outstanding in its visual effect, this glowing piece is a collector’s find of museum quality, as is all this artist’s award-winning work.



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