Gold on Silver Sunface Bolo

Watson Honanie


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This major, prize-winning jeweler was mentored by his uncle, the late, celebrated Fred Kabotie, founder of the “Hopi style” of jewelry and the Hopi Guild (which trained many jewelers).

Watson is especially noted for his flawless workmanship, the high drama of his designs, which relate to Hopi culture and life, and very effective mixing of silver and gold.

This exceptionally handsome bolo demonstrates his faultless command of metalwork and design.

Dramatic, yet elegant, the bolo depicts the Sunface, with a halo of eagle feathers, instead of rays.

The overlaid gold features of the Sunface stand out in gleaming contrast to its darkened silver background.

The black and gold effect is sumptuous; the gold glows with the warmth appropriate to the sun.

Each feather that surrounds the center face is individually cut out and overlaid on the silver base.

Artistically naturalistic, each feather has a blackened and textured tip, contrasting with the highly polished silver around it.

With a commanding size, the splendid, graphic design in silver and gold is traditional but looks strikingly modern.

With beautiful restraint, the tips are long, tapered cylinders devoid of any design, keeping the focus on the spectacular bolo, itself.

As well as the compelling design, every bit of the workmanship is perfect.

The hand-braided leather cord is in exact proportion to the size of the bolo.

This bolo is extraordinary in every way; a fitting example of the artist’s reputation as a Master.

Despite its opulent drama, the bolo will look equally at home with a business suit, jeans, or formal wear.

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