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Gold Mokume Gane Ripple Earrings


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There are TWO Charlene Reanos at Santo Domingo Pueblo! This is the artist who does Not do inlay, but works wonders with sterling silver and the ancient technique of mokume gane, creating gracefully contemporary pieces. A Japanese technique, mokume gane was often used on samurai swords, but we can enjoy the unique effect in more peaceful ways.These dramatic earrings are a very special type of melding metals: the combination does not include silver, but is entirely of rose gold, with a little copper – seen in the dark swirls known as shakudo.The gold and copper were hammered together in layers to achieve a random marbled effect. Then, the newly married metals were given those corrugated pleats. All extremely exacting work, but the result is a unique, fabulously contemporary design made with an age-old technique. Lightweight but sturdy, and strikingly noticeable, these waterfall effect earrings will look spectacular with everything you own, from sweats to sweaters, to dresses, to slinky evening wear. You won’t see these on anyone else, and they amortize beautifully. A real treasure, linking ancient Asia with contemporary here-and-now.

Rose Gold Mokume Gane, Shakudo

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