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Gold-Leaf Rain Dangles


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Designed with creativity, executed with finesse, and intriguingly different; just what we expect from this gifted jeweler.

With stellar genes – grandson of the late Ben and Felicita Eustace, a son of award-winning jeweler Jolene Eustace, and nephew of the other, well-known Eustace siblings – he has developed his own, and very handsome, style.

These fabulous earrings look like treasure from Ali Baba’s cave, or the jewel box of some exotic Eastern empress.

Gold leaf, in 24-karats, glows like sunlight against a stormy sky, as it contrasts with darkened silver.

Long and gracefully tapered, the silver is textured with a pattern that resembles brocade.

The rich hue of the gold  leaf accentuates the intricate pattern of the silver base.

The gold leaf has been cut into steps that represent both rain, and the steps leading to the sacred kiva, where ceremonies are prepared.

Rain, of course, is a major blessing in the arid southwest.

The square crosses cut out of the gold, symbolize the four corners of the earth. Symbolically, the blessing of rain is meant to spread to the whole earth.

Elegantly formed, curved shield shapes form the tops, set with black-lipped mother of pearl.

Gorgeously iridescent, the metallic highlights in the shell balance the luxurious look of the gold, without detracting from its splendor.

Even the backs of the earrings are textured, so the look is totally finished on all sides.

Tastefully opulent, these earrings are flirtatiously resplendent.

Lucky for you (and us), although they look majestic, they do not require a  king’s ransom!

Wear them out, but enjoy them with sweaters and shirts, too.

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2 7/8" L x 7/8" W at top | 5/8" W at bottom


24k Gold Leaf, Sterling Silver