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Gold Kachina Clip Earrings


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Mentored by his uncle, the late, celebrated Fred Kabotie, founder of the “Hopi style” of jewelry and the Hopi Guild (which trained many jewelers), Watson became a major, prize-winning jeweler himself. He is especially noted for his intricate workmanship, adroit mixing of gold and silver, and the high drama of his designs which relate to Hopi culture and life. All that is seen in these spectacular earrings.

On a sterling silver base, the jeweler has added beautifully stamped kachina heads in 14-karat gold, set with superb, matching, natural turquoise cabochons as the faces. Every bit is hand fabricated, naturally, and the turquoise has been cut to fit perfectly. The feathers and stepped rain clouds are meticulously detailed; crisply stamped and cut out. A bit of textured silver shows through above the face of the kachina, resembling drops of rain.

Sun-gold and sky- blue, the materials themselves are symbols of the balance of Nature, with prayers for rain carried up to the heavens on the feathers.

Not only magnificent in esthetics and workmanship, these earrings are spiritually meaningful. And they feel fantastic too, thanks to the clips which support them comfortably. A perfect trifecta of design, execution and function by this renowned jeweler.

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14k Gold, Lapis, Sugilite, Clamshell, Ironwood, Jet, Natural Coral, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


1 1/4"


1 1/4"