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Gold Hand of Blessing Posts


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With superb workmanship and intriguing designs that blend the ancient and the now, Arland’s award-winning work is renowned for beautiful wearability, as well.

These earrings are small, but their brilliant effect is huge. Entirely of 14-karat gold, including the posts and backs, the age-old, petroglyph design looks newly chic.

Symbol of blessing and protection, the hands, with a spiral path of water in the center, is intriguing; serious good luck symbols, since water is especially precious in the high desert.

The earrings glitter with textured gold, to recall the rocks into which the original petroglyphs were carved.

The water spiral is deeply carved against a plain gold background, so it is clearly visible.

The cut-out fingers of the blessing and protective hands give the earrings an additional, attractive shape.

Symbols of good luck, blessings, and protection, the message is as beautiful as the exquisitely wrought earrings themselves.

Timeless and splendid, they can be worn every day.

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14-Karat Gold


1/2" L X 3/8" W