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Gold Dragonfly Band


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This artist’s creative path has meandered from painting, to award-winning bead work, to prize-winning jewelry.

Along with a fellowship from the Wheelwright Museum, in Santa Fe, he has blue ribbons from Santa Fe Indian Market, and elsewhere.

He is now a recognized Master, who favors true tufa cast metal in his work, as in this lovely band ring.

Deliberately left with an all-over texture, the silver glitters. Perched atop, as if just having alit, is a gleaming, 18-karat gold dragonfly.

Since it lives above and around waterways, the dragonfly is an age-old good luck symbol for tribes living in the arid high desert.

This minuscule dragonfly is delicately fashioned, with some texture in the wings, and a smooth, polished body.

Wide in front, the band tapers down to the back, in a  dramatic, but comfortable, shape.

Silver, sparkling like drops of water, and gold, seemingly illuminated by the sun, create a yin/yang palette that reflects the Navajo ideal of balance in nature.

The whole design is graceful and elegant, yet simple, despite the regal materials.

A beautiful expression of age-old symbolism in a minimalist, contemporary form.

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Sterling silver I 18-Karat Gold

Ring Size

7 3/4


5/8" W in front | 1/4" W in back