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Gold and Silver Petroglyph Posts


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A wonderful piece by this acclaimed silversmith, and wonderfully accessible, too.

These handsome earrings have the meticulous workmanship associated with this award-winning artist, along with his distinctive petroglyph design.

Gleaming warmly over the darkened and textured silver background, various, 14-karat gold petroglyph symbols are contained in a slender circle of polished silver.

Hands of healing and protection, the spiral of water and eternity, a mountain goat, signifying hunting success, float over one earring.

On the other earring, a human couple, hand-in-hand, another hand of protection, and a lightning symbol referring to the creation of humans are accompanied by a four-pointed star, meaning that these blessings should extend to all four corners of the world.

The gleam of the polished areas is a beautiful contrast to the emphatically textured surface of the silver, which is also darkened, for greater effect.

Large enough to be admired, but restrained and elegant, these earrings can go everywhere you do; day, night, workdays or weekends.

Impeccable in fabrication and fascinating in design, these earrings, like most of this well-known artist’s work, are sophisticated, modern, and traditional, all at once.

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Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold


7/8" Diameter