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Gold and Silver Petroglyph Cuff


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Norbert Peshlakai is revered as an award-winning Master Jeweler, with heaps of awards to his name.

Amazingly precise in every aspect of its construction, this ornate and very handsome cuff demonstrates his skill and design sense – with a typical, charming twist.

Four sterling silver areas on the front of the bracelet are each stamped or textured with a different, dense design.

Mostly, they refer to rain, raindrops, and other good luck symbols.

Each area is separated by gleaming stripes of solid, 14-karat gold, each one chiseled with a minimal set of lines, except one, which is left plain and glittering.

The tiny and intricate stamped designs give the silver a look of embroidered fabric; rich and complex.

Then, on the polished silver ends, this great artist has stamped two petroglyph designs which are also symbols of good luck, but also unexpected and amusing.

On one end, a wide-eyed jackrabbit is crouched, looking rather wary. On the other end, a turtle symbol swims attractively, with a rosette design on the shell.

Rabbits are symbols of happy hunting and abundant meat; turtles are found in and near water, and also are fertility symbols.

Whimsy, wonderful design, cultural meaning and impeccable workmanship meticulously combined by this much-honored artist, in a timeless, wear-all-the-time, beautiful cuff.

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14k Gold, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

6 3/4"

Cuff Size

5 3/4"

Gap Size



1/2" W