Gold and Silver Frog Pendant


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His mentor and uncle, the late Fred Kabotie, was a founder of the “Hopi style” of jewelry and of the Hopi Guild, a training ground for many jewelers..

Now a major prize-winning jeweler, Watson is especially noted for his intricate workmanship, the opulence of his designs – which record aspects of Hopi culture and life – and the virtuoso mixing of silver and gold.

This sumptuous pendant demonstrates Watson’s faultless command of metal work and design.

The base is a robust gauge of sterling silver, textured and darkened with acid. Laid over this is a segmented frame of sterling silver, polished to gleam brightly

A different element, in glowing, polished, 14-karat gold, stands out within each of the seven segments.

Every one of the design elements refers to good luck.

From the top left, counterclockwise: A stately corn stalk, the staff of life; Kokopelli, the Life-Bringer, blowing seeds that become plants and crops; the hand of blessing and protection, with a water spiral chiseled into the palm; a spotted lizard, that eats crop-destroying bugs; a hunter, with the spiral of water and a club; a rock-art frog, with dots representing water.

In the center, the largest design is a plump frog, with rainclouds and rainfall cut-out on his back. Aside from their association with precious water, frogs are also symbols of fertility.

Each of the gold designs is beautifully formed, with decorative silhouettes. They glisten and glitter warmly, against the textured, black background.

Flawlessly executed, these disparate elements are composed to form a dynamic harmony.

Linked by symbolism, curves and other shapes, they complement each other in theme and forms.

With warm gold against textured black, and icy silver framing it all, this pendant is luxurious, dramatic and strikingly graphic.

A stunning piece by a lauded artist, that you can wear every day – it is opulent, but unostentatious, and looks great with casual wear.

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