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Gold and Silver Buffalo Bracelet


Gold over silver cuff. Central buffalo motif in 14-K gold, petroglyph designs on either end in gold. Stamping on interior.

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This award-winning artist has a national reputation for his intricately detailed jewelry featuring ancient petroglyph symbols.  He favors designing gold over silver designs, as here. The central figure is the buffalo This iconic animal symbolized prosperity good health and happiness, since it was used for meat, clothing, housing, furnishings, and more.

In this crisply delineated design, the powerful, gold buffalo image stands out from the textured and darkened background. It also coordinates well with the polished silver that frames it. Stepped and spiral silver designs, between the buffalo and the end vignettes represent rain, another powerfully good luck sign. For desert dwellers like the Navajo, rain is a life-sustainer, so this bracelet is not only dramatically handsome, but full of strong, positive medicine. The three cross-like motifs over the animal suggest that the benefits of the buffalo extend to all the corners of the earth, and people everywhere.

The ends feature petroglyph figures: on the left, a mountain sheep or goat, hand of blessing, zigzag representing lightning, and a crescent moon – all on the same textured background. On the right of the buffalo, we see: a gold spiral, signifying a river, the hand of blessing,  and lightning, again, and a happy human couple.

The workmanship is outstanding; the design a striking blend of traditional symbols and modern interpretation.. Each gold motif has been sawn and soldered separately,onto the textured silver base.

Solid and delicate at the same time, this is a handsome example of prize-winning artistry. And, in true Navajo fashion, there is beauty on the inside, also – a hand stamped ribbon of frilly ovals that flows from one end to the other. The whole bracelet represents superb quality, beauty, and happy symbolism.

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14k Gold, Sterling Silver

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Gap Size

1 1/4"

Wrist Size

6 1/4"