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Gold-Accented Silver Bead Necklace


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One of the most highly reputed and honored jewelers, Al Joe is celebrated for his incredibly perfect silver work, and the elegant perfection of his designs. This regal necklace demonstrates his artistry and skill, both.

The combination of globular beads, some flawlessly plain and some smaller and deeply fluted, makes this piece spectacularly non-traditional, although the workmanship is entirely by hand. The size and textural differences create a beautiful, subtly graphic design.

As an additional fillip, the three beads at the center of the necklace are of 14-karat gold, and different, again, in shape. All three are flattened disks; the center one is finely textured, while the two on either side are fluted and polished. With these gold accents, the necklace is wearable with any combination of metals.

Despite a certain majesty, this beautiful necklace is still less than strictly formal and can happily be worn day and night. As classic as pearls, but much more decorative and interesting, this handmade necklace is as timeless as it is gorgeous.

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Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold