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Glittering Goat Construction


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Already written about in national magazines, and noted at major Indian art shows, this young artist’s work is fresh and totally unique.

This yin/yang, sparkling/matte, construction has the mysterious glamour of art deco, with a soothing rhythm of curves and angular forms.

The background glitters like a starlit sky while the three-dimensional spiral is an ancient symbol for water. The charmingly abstract goat represents food animals.

The whole is more than merely a pleasing design – it represents the balance of nature, providing abundance, good health and happiness.

Both elegant, and primitive in a refined way, this piece has a fascinating appeal and bewitching allure.

The photo shows the work in its entirety; the artist has deliberately run the edges of the outer circle off the background.

Hung as it is on a black wall, it is hard to tell. Join the avant-garde, and be among the first to catch this rising star!



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Glitter, Painted Wood


12" H x 12" W x 2" deep