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Glass Water Spirit Figure


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What do you do after winning multiple awards for stone sculpture, playing music professionally, making jewelry and glass ollas? You and I don’t have to worry about that, probably, but this multi-talented artist has made delightful, colorful fantasy figures that combine hand made fused glass and metal work.

This charming figure, reminiscent of etched petroglyph rock art in style, is a-swirl with spirals symbolizing water, the essential resource for life and crops. She – judging by the tablita (headdress) – is covered with rain and water signs, from the stepped top of the headdress to the wavy lines on it, and on her face.

Combining traditional good luck symbols with decidedly non-traditional materials, the artist has created a unique, contemporary piece that is happy in theme, and sprightly in looks. New and old combine in a delicate mix of opaque and translucent glass, anchored with iron. Good luck, good looks, great artist, happy price, too.

Hand Fused Glass, Metal

Width: 14 1/2″ Height: 17″ Depth: 4″