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Glass Eagle Feather


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A man of many talents, from a multi-talented family, Adrian gained fame as a prize-winning sculptor, but is also a renowned as a musician, jeweler, and glass artist.

This impressive glass eagle feather hanging is his latest piece for us. It represents a symbol as significant in Native culture as the American flag.

Indians believe that eagles have a special connection with the heavens, since they fly so high; eagles carry hopes and prayers up to the spirits above.

An eagle feather is almost sacred, and one of the most meaningful and precious possessions a Native person can have.

Having an eagle feather requires the owner to care for it, and often, he will hang it on a wall in his home.

This beautiful glass eagle feather is created for just that purpose: it is ready to hang on your wall, by its deerskin thong.

Only Natives are allowed to own real eagle feathers, so this one allows the rest of us to share in the beauty and meaning of this special item.

Thick ( 1/4-inch thick) glass has been expertly carved and colored to represent the feather of a mature golden eagle.

The form, coloration and texture is close to nature; the special transparent and translucent qualities of glass make it unique, and a work of art.

Hang it on your wall (or in a window, to best savor its glassy properties ), and enjoy it for its artistic beauty, as well as its spiritual and cultural importance.

P.S. – We also have a lovely “young golden eagle” glass feather by this artist, which is equally beautiful!


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10" L x 3" W


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