Glass Double Vessel

Tony Jojola


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A colleague of Dale Chihuly, the internationally recognized grand master of blown art glass, Tony created a hot-glass school in Taos, to help young people develop a viable trade.

Modeled after Chihuly’s famous Boat House studio in Tacoma, Washington, it has developed a new generation of Native glass artists, including award-winning Ira Lujan.

Tony, himself, is one of a mere handful of Native glass artists, and one of the only ones who work only in the very difficult hot-blown glass technique. This gives his work a free-flowing effect which is enhanced by the special relationship glass has with light.

Be sure to look at both photos to see the difference a light makes to this piece! In addition, he has added accents of different colors while the glass was still molten, on the rod. These are noticeable on both upper and  lower parts of this splendid piece.

All Tony Jojola pieces, however abstract or contemporary they seem, derive from traditional Pueblo pottery forms. ( Notice the abstracted raincloud and rain detail on the upper piece. ) He started out as a potter, but found “his” medium in glass.

This double form is actually two separate pieces which are fused together afterwards. There are historic pottery pieces like this in museum collections; in glass it is spectacular.


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17" H x 10 1/2" W x 8 1/2" D