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Glass and Metal Dragonfly Figure


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Award-winning sculptor, professional musician, jeweler, glass artist, and now, glass sculptor; there are no boundaries to this artist’s gifts, it seems.

Welding iron and hand fused glass together, his latest pieces are sprightly, contemporary figures that reference petroglyphs and traditional symbols in a new, delightful way.

Here, he created a Yei-like face with a water spiral and eagle feathers, with dragonflies flitting around the kilt-clad body.

The good luck theme is water, and the play of opaque and translucent, to transparent, glass is beautifully composed.

Dragonflies celebrate Spring, and especially, water, which is a blessing to farmers in the high desert.

Delicate and vivid colors range from new-grass green, to pale, watery blues, to bright red and turquoise, anchored by carefully arranged black.

This is an appealing, colorful, unique, contemporary piece that will brighten your home and your days.

Glass, Metal

Width: 14 3/8″ Height: 16 1/2″ Depth: 4″