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Ghost Riders Painting


Acrylic of Plains spirit riders against star-studded night sky

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Winning awards for his paintings since he was  seven years old, this artist likes to feature his mother’s Kiowa culture in his varied art. Here is something completely different: a diptych – two separate paintings that form one (or not, as you wish). In acrylic paint on canvas, These are strikingly decorative, colorful, animated, yet mysterious, whether separately or together.

A galaxy of Plains hunters gallop across a space-dark night sky, sprinkled with stars, like the ghost-riders of the old song. Some are brightly colored and detailed; some are phantom silhouettes that fade into the mists. There is wonderful motion in these paintings, as these spirit riders dash headlong across the dark, star-studded sky. All the action and color are confined to that phantasmal band; the static sky grounds the piece and focusses attention on the subjects. The horses are boldly patterned with vibrant colors, while the riders brandish spears and clubs, long deerskin fringes fanning in their wake. You can almost hear the whoops and cries.

Hang these two panels together, and you have a long (40″) sweep of spirited color, and movement against the dark sky of space. Separate them, and you have a pair. However they are hung, these form a mesmerizing, hauntingly decorative painting. The price is for the set of two.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


Each panel: 20" wide x 15 1/2" high, end to end: 40" wide x 15 1/2" high, Together