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Geometric Overlay Cuff


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Brother of the late, great Gibson Nez, Julian, who has also passed, was also noted for the exceptional precision of his work.

This handsome bracelet features an overlaid, polished, geometric silver design, revealing textured areas on the base silver, underneath.

The design is almost reminiscent of a Navajo rug pattern.

The regularity of the design, and the symmetry of the bands that form the edges and the center, create a beautiful harmony.

Chiseled lines down the center band echo the stamped triangular lines that appear across the bracelet.

Balance and symmetry are Navajo ideals, and this quietly spectacular cuff exemplifies that, with an animated pattern that is also serene.

If we had acquired this bracelet today, it would cost almost twice the price.

Because we found it languishing in our vast inventory, it is not only gorgeous, it is a bargain!

Sadly there will be no new pieces by either of these Nez brothers, so snap it up, if it fits.

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Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 5/8"

Gap Size

1 1/2"

Wrist Size

7 1/8"


1 1/4"