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Geometric Overlay Buckle


Sterling silver overlay rectangular buckle with diagonal rows of triangles representing raindrops.

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Strikingly graphic, geometric, refined, and meticulous in execution, this overlaid silver buckle is suitable for…suits. Also, for jeans, shorts, skirts, slacks, and any other garment that requires a 3/4″ wide belt, or a bit more. Dramatically modern in appearance, it is actually very traditional in inspiration.

Cut out of one layer of silver, regular rows of precise triangles march at the diagonal, across the blackened bottom layer of silver. The silver is slightly curved, to follow the shape of our middles, so it will be very comfortable to wear. The rigorous geometry of the design, and the gleaming silver against matte black, give the buckle a contemporary vibe. However, the triangles represent raindrops, symbols of very good luck. The Hopi are dry farmers, reliant on rain to irrigate their crops, so anything signifying water, rain, storms, etc. is revered.

With, or without, knowing the significance of the design, it is a splendid buckle, one that will embellish all manner of clothing with indisputable, understated style and panache.

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Belt Width

3/4" to 7/8"


Sterling Silver


2 1/2" x 1 1/4"