“Other Munificent Soul: Another Generous Being” Painting


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This painting by Elle Claw, the eldest daughter of the amazing Monty Claw, is deeply personal to Elle.

2019 was a big year for Elle. Not only did she give birth to her beautiful daughter, but she was also asked to paint a drum for the 2019 SWAIA auction with proceeds going to the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women, and won 1st place for her painting in her final year in the Youth Division at Santa Fe Indian Market!

The title of the painting sets the stage for this talented young artist’s vision: A woman that helps give to women who are struggling with great generosity.

This painting may be slightly autobiographical: Elle is a new mom and is familiar with giving to her daughter, Gabriayla.  She is also the oldest of Monty’s three daughters and has helped to mentor not only her two younger sisters but other young artists as well.

Elle can paint in many styles, and this painting, her take on cubism made famous by Pablo Picasso in the early 20th century, is a phenomenal representation of Elle’s ability to translate her visions in a way not normally seen in the Native art world.

With the use of bright, vivid colors, and thought-provoking subject matter, this painting is just a taste of this future master’s gift. Elle is an artist on the rise, and we are happy to be part of her journey and work with another generation of the fabulous Claw family!

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1 1/2"






Acrylic on Canvas