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“Generation of Culture”


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Some artists have gifts that know no bounds, it seems. With a solid reputation as a fine kachina carver, this young artist shows that his talent extends to painting, as well. This animated, colorful painting depicts a panoply of Hopi and Pueblo symbols – all of paramount importance in these cultures. The theme is water, the source of life, and precious even more out on the Hopi mesas and the high desert of Laguna Pueblo. With dark clouds and lightning, come rain, rainbows, and – eventually – the blessing of an abundant crop of corn, symbol of happiness, health, and prosperity. Rain, and fresh-running creeks and ponds also bring out the water creatures: dragonflies, and butterflies and hummingbirds that help to propagate plants. These little creatures are delightfully painted in bright colors, along and beside the rainbow. In the upper right corner, two kachinas are seen, among the storm clouds: they are the Longhairs, rain-bringers, whose long beards simulate falling rain. At the bottom left, an ancient cliff dwelling emerges from the shadows, with brightly painted ollas full of corn pollen i and sage, in the front. Emanations of prayers rise in wisps from these pots, which are fulfilled in the rainbow -hued stalks of corn at the right.There is an entire cultural story encapsulated in this colorful, dynamic painting. Beautifully done, it is also a very manageable size to display – at a very manageable price, as well.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


14" high x 11" wide