Gemstone Link Bracelet


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Gorgeously unusual Native jewelry by a very unusual Native artist.

She is Shawnee, a Plains tribe noted for beadwork. Her childhood was spent in New Zealand, traveled the world, and now lives and works in New Mexico.

These multi-cultural, multifaceted influences have resulted in a very beautiful, very individual style.

Her work is characteristically feminine, yet elegant – like this lovely bracelet – and includes fine stones from all over.

The artist’s trademark decorative silver work surrounds a rich variety of natural tourmalines, and one, glowing, golden brown smoky quartz.

The brushed silver tempers the dainty elaboration of the silver, so the piece becomes sophisticated, rather than just sweet.

This delicate bracelet plays with shapes: curves, angles, squares, circles, and more, both in the individual links and the stones set in them.

Each silver link is boxed, brushed, and decorated in a unique way, with a profusion of tiny domes and spirals.

Even the clasp is beautiful, and beautifully fabricated. It is an ingenious and meticulously hand made toggle that fits precisely into a hollow space and is then securely cinched.

Although there is no outright symmetry, there is a repetitive rhythm in the shapes of the silver links and the stones, so they seem to be dancing around your wrist.

There are four round cabochons, one placed horizontally; two vertical stones, but not the same forms, and the center, reddish-purple tourmaline that is a high and regal, horizontal rectangle.

Further linking the links, so to speak, is the color arrangement of the stones, which also form a rhythmic harmony.

On end is a limpid, pale green tourmaline in an oval shape; the other end is an organic round of a green and gold stone.

Next in: a horizontal round tourmaline of that rich purplish red on one side, and a shield shaped, dark golden brown, smoky quartz, on the other.

Then, a pale gold tourmaline, that seems sunlit, and a pointed, mossy green one that is faceted.

These last, flank the center red and rectangular tourmaline, that sits majestically atop a circle.

The different shapes of the boxed silver links, and the stones on them, together with the variety of similar but different embellishments of silver domes and curved wires, gives this enchanting bracelet a deliciously animated look.

Add the softened luster of the silver, and the richness of  the tourmalines, and the effect is of a luxurious bracelet made for a princess.

Indulge your inner royalty ( or the queen of your heart ), with this resplendent bracelet that is also right at home with our casual lifestyles.

Another beautifully unique piece by this unique jeweler.




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Natural Smoky Quartz, Natural Tourmaline, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

6 1/2" – 6 3/4", 7" L with clasp


Links are 1 1/8" Diameter in center | 7/8" Diameter at end