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Gem Silica Ring


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Highly reputed for his impressionistic paintings, as much as he is known for beautiful jewelry, this multi-talent is also a community leader, advocate for Native artists, and dedicated basketball coach.He excels in every endeavor, too! (As a historical footnote, his father is one of the few surviving Code Talkers, who helped end WWII in the Pacific.) Gem silica is a rare form of chalcedony, colored by copper to a translucent blue color. This splendid, large and beautiful stone sits high, showing its impressive depth. The silver work has been kept simple, to keep the stone in the spotlight. However, the free-form, textured backdrop provides a beautiful contrast to the polished edge of the bezel that holds the stone, and to the smooth surface of the stone itself. Irregularly scalloped, the textured frame around the stone looks a little like hand made paper; a contemporary version of a lacy doily. Modern in design and choice of stone, the shank of this heavenly ring is strictly traditional and functional: three sturdy bands that fuse into one at the back. Air can circulate, so this ring is as comfortable to wear as it is lovely to look at.

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Gem Silica, Sterling Silver

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Face Size: 1 1/8"


Face Size: 7/8"