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Gem Candelaria Pendant


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Christina is a multiple award-winner, respected as a master jeweler.She is a member of the talented Eustace family, whose work is included in national and international collections. Although each is gifted, each of the siblings continue their parents’ jewelry tradition in his or her distinct, prize-winning style. One of the latest pieces we have received from Christina, this pendant is reduced to its essentials: a splendid, highest quality turquoise stone, discreetly set in a hand chiseled silver bezel. The remarkable markings of this large, exceptional stone look as if inlaid in a mosaic pattern, which it is not. The stone is whole, untouched, except to be cut and polished. Brilliant blue areas seem to be illuminated, as they glow in the surrounding mottled matrix. The coveted, rare spiderweb pattern creates a lacy, stained glass effect. Graceful in its form, and just the right size, this pendant will enhance a collar, chain, ribbon, or leather cord – or whatever you choose. A special stone, presented by a special jeweler who understands when less is much, much more.

Sterling Silver, Natural gem Candelaria Turquoise

Width: 7/8″ Height: 1 1/4″