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Gaspeite Ring


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A dramatically simple and beautiful ring, that looks modern, if not contemporary.But it was created by Albert J.Platero, the patriarch of this widespread family of noted jewelers,

The stone is very rare, and new to Native jewelry – natural gaspeite, a nickel carbonate stone named for it’s discovery site, the Gaspe Peninsula of Canada. It is  also found in Australia and New Zealand.

The brilliant green of this handsome stone is all that was needed, since the only decoration is the boldly cut bezel, which adds a bit of crunchy texture to the high polish of the gaspeite.

Utterly simple, the classic, three-bar shank supports the stone, but keeps all eyes on that vibrant green, with subtle variations of intensity, and soft brown matrix.

A statement ring, for sure!  Stripped to essentials – flawless workmanship and a gorgeous stone –  it can be worn happily, every day.

The artist may be past his youth, but this ring shows his creativity and eye for beauty are still fresh as always. Timeless beauty in a “new” stone.

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Natural Gaspeite, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

6 3/4


Ring face is 1 3/8" long x 1" wide, Shank is 1/8" W