Ganado Red Rug

Theresa Jones


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Among the most popular of all Navajo rug designs, Ganado red goes back to 1878, when legendary trader J.L. Hubbell promoted the design to the Navajo weavers in his area.

Ganado designs are characterized by the deep, rich red of the background. According to the weaver, the red and black are natural dyes that she procures from someone who specializes in dyeing.

This rug, by a lady who has woven rugs for fifty years, is not only handwoven, it is also hand-carded, and hand-spun, in the original tradition.

“From sheep to loom”, as the saying goes.

The white areas are bleached fleece; the greys are a mix of white and black fleece.

With its handy size, luscious color, and dramatic design, this handsome example of a long tradition is easy to place anywhere in your home: wall, tabletop, across the sofa or a chair – even on the floor – with a good pad underneath.

It will enhance modern, traditional, country, and just about every, decor, except formal, eighteenth-century French, maybe.

These rugs are virtually indestructible;  wash out spills or spots with cold water and mild soap, (testing an unobtrusive corner first, to see if the red runs at all) and be sure to vacuum regularly on both sides.

Handspun, and handwoven, this is a beautiful, heirloom-worthy example of a dwindling tradition.

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