Galloping Horse Cuff

Darryl Dean Begay


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This younger metalsmith has won kudos for his use of the old (and dying) technique of true tufa casting, including the 2009 Best in Show Award at Santa Fe Indian Market, which he won in collaboration with his wife, Rebecca Begay.

His favorite method is tufa casting with special, fine-grained tufa (naturally compressed volcanic sand) that he digs up himself, in the Hopi lands.

Tufa can be carved and used as a mold only once or, twice, possibly, as the material is extremely crumbly.

Darryl’s work ranges from ruggedly traditional to elegantly contemporary; this bracelet is a combination of both.

The technique is traditional; the subject matter is traditional, but the design has a simple and modern look.

The Navajo have a long history of horse-love, going back to the time of the Spanish invasion.

Known historically as raiders, the Navajo used horses for transportation, and as repositories for their booty.

This elegantly proportioned cuff features a horse, galloping across the desert floor.

The horse is simply, but realistically formed from the tufa, and surrounded on both sides by indented horseshoe prints, some going in the same direction as the horse, and some in the opposite direction.

There is no other ornamentation, which lends the bracelet its minimalist, contemporary look.

Heavy silver, finely finished and designed by a foremost artist, and suitable for anyone who loves horses – man or woman.

Wear it every day; it will look good with everything.



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