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“Functional” Micaceous Chile Bowl


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Pure in form, absolutely traditional from clay to firing, and – according to the artist -completely functional! This Northern New Mexico “chile” ( or soup, or pasta, or…) bowl glitters with the tiny bits of mica inherent in the clay. Used for cooking and eating for centuries, this sort of micaceous clay vessel was the kitchen ware of Taos, Picuris, and the other northern Pueblos. Just a few potters take the time and care to make functional pieces today, and Clarence is one of those few who keep prices reasonable. Whether or not you dare to try cooking in this bowl (and please, if you do – get instructions first – from a potter, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, or another museum of Native arts), it will command admiring attention. The piece is unadorned, except for the dark glitter of the mica fragments. On the table or on a shelf, the precise simplicity of the shape will nourish the soul, whether or not you try to put food in it.

Natural Micaceous Clay

Height: 2 7/8″ Diameter: 6 1/2″