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Frolicking Seals Fetish


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Sharing her name with some of the leading carving families in Zuni, it is almost a given that this younger member should create appealing fetishes, too.

This adorable fetish of frolicking mother and baby seals, is inventive, naturalistic and accurate.

Well, except for the turquoise eyes!

It takes full advantage of the interesting markings and variations in the natural serpentine stone, with fine detail as well.

Carved from one solid piece, the two seals look in opposite directions, with flippers and tails clearly visible.

Some areas are highly polished; all are etched to show the seals’ fur.

Unusual in subject, this fetish two-for-one is well-carved, charming in concept and execution, and a real conversation starter.

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Dendritic Serpentine | Turquoise


2” L x 1 ½” W x 1” H