Frogs on a Leaf


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These frogs look like they are up to something, don’t they! Bright blue turquoise, with piercing red eyes, they are each on the lookout…searching for flies maybe? Sitting atop a leaf carved from natural sodalite, they could be floating down the river or perched on the leaf of a flower, looking for their next meal.

Once married to the leading fetish artist, Lance Cheama, Karen Zunie has established herself as a highly reputed fetish carver in her own right.

Notice the remarkably naturalistic legs, eyes, and faces of these small but impressive frogs, and the meticulously incised scales on their backs.

This type of detail work is impressive in larger formats, but it is even more amazing in this much smaller scale.

Frogs are important fetishes for the Zuni, considered major rain-bringers, as well as symbols of fertility and abundance, and these two are just waiting to keep watch from your mantel or cabinet!

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1 1/2"






Coral, Natural Sodalite, Stabiliized Turquoise