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Frog with Dragonfly on Head


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Celebrated for her large, dynamic figures (a family and Cochiti tradition now in its third century) Janice also creates appealing, traditional animals, from time to time: this frog, for example. Frogs are good luck symbols, since they live in and near water – always a good thing in the desert. Dragonflies also hover over water, and are also good luck symbols, as well as graceful. This amusing frog is decorated with rain symbols on his back (more good luck) and is trying mightily to catch that plump dragonfly perched on his head. HIs pop-eyes seem to be popping even more, as he tilts his head back, and stretches his tongue up. The dragonfly seems completely unperturbed. The artist has used the traditional Cochiti clays and wild spinach paint, fashioning the frog and his hoped-for lunch in the totally traditional manner, from gathering and mixing the clays, to forming, smoothing, painting and pit-firing. With his popped-out eyes, large open mouth, cute pink tongue and straining posture, he will bring a smile every time you look at him. Good luck and fun, too – to say nothing of an accomplished work by an acclaimed potter – all in one froggy package.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Width: 3 1/8″ Height: 3 3/4″ Depth: 3 1/2″