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Frog Canteen


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Remarkable talent has coursed from great-great grandmother, the legendary Maria Martinez, straight through great-grandparents, Adam & Santana Martinez, and his noted mother, Barbara Gonzales, to continue in this latest generation of recognized pottery artists. Cavan is a major award-winning potter, who maintains the old, polychrome style of San Ildefonso pottery, as seen here.

Pueblo farmers carried canteens just like this one, when working out in the fields, or off hunting. (We urge you NOT to use this for water, unless you have a Pueblo potter sitting at home, ready to replace it). Hand-gathered, mixed, coiled, smoothed, and painted, the colors are natural clay except for the black which derives from an infusion of wild spinach. There is an indentation on the back, so the canteen will hang nicely on a wall, or sit on a table without wobbling.

The finish is superior, as is the form; the decorative frog is beautifully painted, as well. Frogs and tadpoles signify water, where they live, so are very good luck symbols. This one is vivid, but pleasantly so, and painted impeccably, to match the fine potting in the canteen itself. Handsome to look at, and a piece of Pueblo and pottery history, too.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments, Leather, Wood

Width: 5 3/4″ Height: 6″ Depth: 2 5/8″