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Friendship Seed Pot


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Marie has consistently explored the repertoire of traditional Acoma designs – animals, birds, rainbows, snowflakes, etc. – creating fine pottery in the way she learned from her mother. One of the esteemed, mature, traditional potters, she keeps to the old ways all down the line: digging the clay, mixing it, making the different colored earth pigments, pit-firing, etc. This charming seed pot sports traditional Acoma designs, but with individual twists in how they are arranged and combined.Red clay slip makes a striking accent to the black and white palette, forming a circle at the very top, then a square. These are part of a design that adds black and white fine lines, and white triangles, to form a star, or cross-shaped motif. This represents the four corners of the earth: It is hoped that the blessings of rain, symbolized by the triangular pattern of parallel lines, and the stepped designs at the base, will extend everywhere.An original, and charming, pattern is the painted band of little dancing figures, between the top and the fine line pattern. This is called the friendship design, and is an additional symbol of blessing for the whole world. Not merely decorative, well-designed and well-made, this large seed pot conveys a message that is as heartwarming as the design is appealing.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Height: 2 1/4″ Diameter: 6 1/2″