Free-Form Bowl


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A contemporary bowl that is an example of the amazing versatility of this accomplished, award-winning artist.

He has been written up in several national art magazines, recently, and has avid collectors all over the world.

A rising star, he is “an artist who happens to be Indian”: he creates pieces that are definitely not the usual “Indian” pottery, as well as modern versions of traditional Zuni pots.

Traditionally made, of local Zuni clay, this extraordinary, graceful bowl needs no adornment other than the “oil slick” finish that the artist is exploring in his latest work.

Originally the result of a happy accident, he has developed the technique to create organic, minimalist, pieces that bring Zuni pottery into an entirely new artistic universe.

The result is a tranquil, cloud-like finish that accentuates the voluptuous form of the pot.

There is a classic, timeless, almost Asian simplicity and presence to Alan’s new work that allows it to fit into every decor, including yours.



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Handmade Clay | Oil


5 1/4" W x 4 3/8" H