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Four-Winged Figure Sculpture


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A phenomenon in the Indian art world, Sheldon Harvey recently won both Best of Division and Best of Show at Santa Fe Indian Market, in the same year; a singular achievement. His art is supremely spiritual, as well as abstract. The images he paints and sculpts are his imagined visions of the supernatural and sacred beings from Navajo culture. He says he “saw” these figures as his grandparents and uncles related the tales. This lively figure exhibits the blend of vibrant, but soft, colors that the artist favors to emphasize the supernatural aspect of his work. Winged, it might be a butterfly or a dragonfly. Both are good luck symbols. Sunny hues, a rising sun on the kilt, and red circles that might represent suns, as well, would seem to suggest a balance with the dragonfly image – dragonflies hover above and around water. Both water and sun are needed to propagate crops.Natural parrot feathers in vivid coral and blues counter-balance the warmth of the palette on the body of the piece. Gold and coral like the sun and red rocks of the Navajo earth, blue as the sky and water, and yellow as the growing corn; the palette of this piece incorporates the harmony of Nature that is the ideal for desert dwelling tribes. A thriving crop is the end result of prayers, and it symbolizes good health, happiness and prosperity. Good luck is yours, along with visual delight, when you enjoy this remarkable piece.

Canvas, Wood, Paint, Metal Base

Width: 31″ Height: 21 1/4″ Depth: 6″