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Four-Square Cross


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Roland Brady is one of the most original jewelers we know. And not just a jeweler, he also writes, helps his mother with her sheep, guides visitors to Monument Valley, acts, and helps in production, for film companies. His is a unique mind, coupled with a profoundly spiritual soul. His crosses are as unique as he is.

This one forms a series of squares, from its almost-square shape, to the pattern of little squares that decorate it. The straight lines are relieved by the dotted circle on top, that connects to the bail, and the teeny-tiny dots that are stamped along the arms of the cross. The bail is large enough slip over silver beads, or any kind of collar or necklace.

The squares in the body of the cross are varied: some are cut through, some are blackened, and some are centered with 14-karat gold that has been chiseled in parallel lines. These actually form a tiny cross within the cross. The design ingeniously incorporates Navajo belief with its Christian symbolism: the four arms of the cross also represent the four geographic directions, suggesting that the blessings of Jesus spread to all four corners of the world. The symmetrical design is also a hint of Navajo esthetics; balance is highly regarded.

Impeccable in its execution, intriguing in its design, and very functional, as well, this is a beautiful example of this extraordinary artist’s work. A lovely symbol, and a striking piece of jewelry, too.

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Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold


1 3/4" I 2 1/4" with bail


1" I Bail Diameter is 1/2"