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Four-Lobed Silver Necklace


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With a childhood spent in New Zealand, and elsewhere, this Shawnee jeweler has developed her own, feminine style, without influences from the usual, Native conventions. This striking necklace is typical of her feminine sensibility, and use of uncommon stones, as well as her careful, decorative workmanship.A boxed quadrifoil is embellished with a different stone in each lobe: tourmalines of different colors, and a green citrus chalcedony dangling from the bottom. The limpid clarity of the stones is a beautiful contrast with the textured surface of the silver. Each of the four lobes is decorated with a semi-circle of tiny, raised silver domes, adding to the decorative look, and joined by a filament of chiseled silver that repeats the curve. Two curlicues form a raised, and chiseled heart shape in the center. Even the bail is decorated and finished to complement the pendant: polished, chiseled edges frame a textured, subtly striped center.Delicate as it is, there is something of a medieval look about this beautiful piece. Guinevere, or Juliet, or the Lady of the Unicorn might have worn a similar necklace. However, the refinement and delicacy of the design and workmanship proclaim this lovely jewel to be of our time. It will look as gorgeous on a sweater as with blouses, shirts or dresses. Dress up, or dress down, this exquisite pendant will always look just as beautiful.

Sterling Silver, Tourmalines, Citrus Chalcedony

Length: 18″Pendant Width: 1 5/8″ Pendant Height: 3 1/4″