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Four-in-One Two Grey Hills Rug


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This is a real tour-de-force; a breathtaking display of virtuoso weaving and eye-to-hand dexterity. Four different, fully expressed, Two Grey Hills rug patterns are woven seamlessly into one rug! Fabulous, whether esthetically or technically judged. This popular and seemingly historic design was established after 1914, by George Bloomfield and Ed Davies at Toadlena and Two Grey Hills trading posts. They wanted to market a unique style of Navajo rug, and one that would appeal to well-heeled tourists who were more familiar with oriental rugs from Central Asia. If you have seen oriental tribal rug designs, you will recognize similarities in these four segments. One of the characteristics of Two Grey Hills rugs is the palette of natural fleece colors, sometimes augmented with a bit of red, or emphasized with plant dyes. Black, white, greys and tans are the norm, as seen here. This consistent combination of colors mitigates the complexity of the four different designs, and creates harmony. Also contributing to the wonderful balance of the whole piece, is the repetition of similar shapes, and the all-encompassing border around the whole rug.If you are reminded of Spanish tile patterns, you’ve spotted the far-distant origin of these designs. Arab Moors ruled in southern Spain for centuries, a millennium ago, and influenced all aspects of the decorative arts and architecture. In turn, the Spanish Conquistadores brought this Middle Eastern-derived decorative heritage to the New World, and, much later, these motifs ended up in the high desert of the Navajo reservation and the floors of America. I doubt Ms. McDonald had all that in mind when she created this masterpiece; she just wanted to show how good a weaver she was, in a style that appealed to her. More than appealing, this rug is astounding. Arranged to hang vertically here, that can easily be changed to a horizontal orientation, or it can be used on the floor – make sure you use a high quality rug pad underneath, and vacuum both sides regularly. Amaze the neighbors, but firstly, delight yourself – and the generations to come – with this magnificent example of Navajo weaving skill and talent.

Natural Wool, Natural Dyes, Wooden Hanger

Width: 39″ Height: 59″