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Four-Handled Miniature Vessel


Large miniature four-handled vessel; black on white rain motifs.

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This master of miniature pottery is a perennial award-winner, who arrives at prestigious art shows with his entire inventory in a cigar box. This unusual piece is one of his largest pieces, created, like most of his work, from photos of historic and prehistoric pots in reference books.

Meticulously modeled, with a lovely, tapered form and crisply shaped rim, this is a very interesting piece. The designs that decorate the natural, white Laguna/Acoma clay are variations of rain symbols. The four arms are meant to indicate the blessings of rain – symbolized by the fine-line triangles – reaching out to all the four corners of the world. The stepped designs on the body of the pot are also rain symbols. Although we are not sure of the origin of this little olla, it would seem to have been a ceremonial vessel.

Made just like normal-sized pottery, this is hand-shaped of hand-gathered, -coiled, and burnished clay, decorated by hand with wild spinach-derived paint. As the artist says, he makes his miniatures “very carefully”! It is truly a marvel that this burly man creates such small, delicate pottery.

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Natural Clay, Vegetal Pigment


1 3/8" high x 2" diameter