Four Directions Link Necklace


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A magnificent, silver link necklace that can function as a chain, as well.

Meticulous in workmanship, it is also a stunning, creative design.

Combining the yin of circular links with the yang of chiseled rectangles, the necklace achieves a harmonious, sophisticated presence.

The rectangular links are solid, four-sided, and chiseled for subtle decoration. The four chiseled lines on each link represent the four directions.

They are joined by rings of equally sturdy silver, in a regular and pleasing pattern. Notice, also, the super-sturdy, handmade, silver hook and eye.

Delicate, but with well-bred panache, this flawlessly executed necklace is handsome, unusual, and uber-wearable – on its own, or with a pendant.

It well elevate sweaters, dresses, shirts, tees, and every other garment you own, to a new level of understated, but unmistakeable, chic.

We have earrings and a bracelet to match!  Call or email us to learn more!

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Sterling Silver


22" long