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Four Directions Bolo


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This young jeweler has learned from some of the very best: his great-uncle Thomas Curtis, and his aunt Jennifer Curtis, celebrated award-winners, both.

He learned well, obviously, and is carrying on the family legacy of expertly wrought and stamped jewelry.

Here is a handsome silver bolo, with all the precise workmanship and excellent design his family is known for.

The raised little diamond in the center, and four domes, are true repousse; pushed out from behind the flat silver sheet.

Intricate stamp work creates an ornate center design that resembles a Navajo rug.

In this context, it may symbolize the Navajo people, the Dine.

It is surrounded by a darkened silver background, and has decoratively scalloped and pointed edges.

The raised diamond shape is framed by plain, polished silver, which is, in turn, bordered by beautiful stamp work.

The darkened area forms a squarish cross, from which a fan of stylized feathers sprays out, in all four directions.

For the Dine, the four geographic directions carry blessing(s) to the four corners of the earth- that is, all people.

Symmetrically placed between the chiseled feathers, the four domes represent the Four Worlds of the Navajo creation story.

This story involves three underworlds where crucial events occurred, shaping the Fourth World where we now live.

So, the message of the piece suggests that the beauty and blessing of Dine culture extends to the four corners of their world, which is defined by the four sacred mountains that mark its traditional borders.

These design elements are overlaid on a greyed and grainy background, which makes the design stand out, and the polished silver glisten, even more.

Tapered tips repeat the form of the feather design, in brilliantly polished, unadorned silver.

Exceptional skill is matched by the imposing beauty of the balanced design; even the hand braided leather cord is of the highest quality.

A striking and harmonious depiction of a traditional story, this bolo seems gorgeously modern in this artist’s creative hands.

Wear it with jeans, business suits, even formal wear. It will look wonderful with a dinner jacket or tuxedo!

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Sterling Silver | Hand Braided Leather

Bolo Cord Length



Bolo Face is 3" L x 2 1/2" W | Tips are 2 1/2" L