Four Birds Pot

Delores Juanico Aragon


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Daughter and granddaughter of noted potters, this younger artist has moved from her award-winning miniature pots to a somewhat larger format.

Her latest olla is delightfully shapely, as most of her pieces are. The painting is as curvaceous and feminine as the potting – and just as traditional.

A pretty version of the famous parrot design, this historic pattern is dated on the bottom: 1880-1890.

That is the date of the original, which the artist has adapted for this olla.

The four birds are separated by plants and flowers, painted in beautifully flowing, graceful lines that reflect the opulent curves of the pot.

The colors are all natural. The famous, pristine white Acoma clay is the base, with a red clay slip that is diluted to create the lighter shades.

It was mixed with steeped wild spinach leaves to form the dark brown.

The olla is made from natural clay which has been gathered, mixed, coiled, smoothed, and painted by hand, as is traditional.

Fetchingly curvy, the olla is also decorated to accord with the shape.

Form and decoration complement the other, which is the ideal of Native pottery.

This beautiful olla is, indeed, ideal.


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