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Fossilized Walrus Ivory “Indian Corn” Buckle


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A master jeweler, painter, teacher, tribal leader, this remarkable artist works with exceptional materials and sets them in the simplest of settings, so they show to their greatest advantage. These chunks of fossilized tusk ivory are set so that the subtly rounded forms gleam softly.

The arrangement of the ivory pieces resembles the famous ruins at Chaco Canyon – pre-historic ancestral home of the Pueblo Indians – whose intricate sandstone brickwork is still marveled at, today. But, because of the graphic contrast between the different chunks of ivory, as well as their shape and size, it also looks like varicolored Indian corn. Take your pick: ancient heritage, or symbol of happiness, health and prosperity. Whatever the inspiration, the design remains strikingly handsome, the natural material is intriguing, and the workmanship is expert.

Solidly rooted in the artist’s Native culture, this buckle nevertheless presents a sophisticated, modern design that will bring its understated elegance to jeans, suits, slacks, – whatever you wear, wherever in the world. Everything old is new again, right? In the right hands, like this noted and gifted artist’s, it is fresh and worldly, with an ancient past.

This buckle is another heirloom classic, from an early student of the legendary Charles Loloma, who brings his own, recognized talent and vision to each piece.



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Fossilized Walrus Ivory, Sterling Silver


2 7/8" wide x 2" high