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Fossil Ivory Fetish Necklace


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Lena Boone is hailed as the prize-winning carver who has kept the original, ancient style of fetishes from oblivion.

Originally, fetishes were found stones that resembled a particular animal, in the finder’s eyes.

Her birds and animals are recognizable but simplified, suggesting the creature without realistic details.

Here, a flock of bears, mountain lions, badgers, and other fetish animals are strung on dark brown, baby olive shell heishi.

Each fetish animal is carved from fossilized ivory, in various shades, from cream to brown.

Tiny beads of turquoise brighten up the earthy palette with accents of bright blue – the color of the sky and water.

The central fetish is an owl, a symbol of protection for the Zuni. Owls function as night watchmen, it is believed.

He, like each of the fetish carvings, has turquoise eyes in the same vivid blue.

Among the rest of the fetish, carvings are frogs, fish, turtles, along with the Guardian animals such as mountain lions, bears, moles, and wolves.

With varying tones of beige, sparked by brilliant blue turquoise, the animals are also varied in forms and silhouettes, which makes a lively, interesting outline, when worn.

And, you can wear this fetish necklace with everything – it goes casual, to business, even out to dinner and the theater.

Enjoy this neutral, but outstanding, necklace in many ways, and the admiring comments that will follow.

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Baby Olive Shell, Fossilized Walrus Tusk Ivory, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sterling Silver


28 3/4" L | Owl is 1 1/4" L x 5/8" W