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Navajo folk art has evolved from crude, sun-baked mud toys, made from necessity, to complex, amusing, art pieces that are highly collectible. They generally reflect some aspect of Native life or human foibles, that the artist sees as humorous.

This complex piece wryly combines the iconic, sheep-herding, Navajo cowboy with a small airplane: tradition, evolved into contemporary transportation, given the extensive area of the reservation.

Sitting happily in a carved saddle, over a painted saddle blanket, this rootin’ tootin’ pilot is all dressed up. He is decked out in a fancy shirt, embellished buckskin chaps, and a six-shooter in a tooled leather holster. There is a matching design on his boots, fringed gloves, and regulation black hat.

The fuzzy white sheep also wears ornamental buckskin chaps, over his natural fleece body. He, too, has fancy boots, fringed gloves, and a matching hat.

He balances bareback on the airplane, his black tail extended like a rudder. The plane is a festively colored and decorated, with a propeller that actually spins.

Another smile-provoking social commentary, hand made and amusing, from this leading folk artist. It is sure to brighten your home and spirits.

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Buckskin, Natural Fleece, Paint, Wood


12 3/4" long x 14 5/8" wide/deep