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Fluted Beads and Coral Necklace


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Voted “Artist of the Year ” by the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, the industry standard-setter – Twice! – Al Joe has always been known for the grace and restraint of his designs, as well as the perfection of his workmanship. This piece combines tradition, in the fluted beads, with modern creativity and sophisticated technique. The artist has made a virtuoso combination of silver beads: flattened and polished, fluted, and 14 karat gold, with a single larger bead of natural red coral. That vibrant red punctuation mark is a real zinger- it lights up the piece, but in the same refined mode as the rest of the necklace. The two gold beads on either side accentuate the warm hue of the coral. Classic beauty, exceptional skill and artistic refinement in a timeless piece, wearable every day from work to play, night and day.

Sterling Silver, Natural Coral, 14K Gold,

Bead Diameters: Fluted – almost 3/8″; Plain – 1/4″Gold – 1/4″; Coral – 3/8″ Length: 18 3/8″