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Kokopelli Mini Seed Pot


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A surprisingly, very accessible piece by a pair of legendary potters.

Known for their imposingly large ollas, Barbara and Joseph occasionally turn out a smaller piece, like this seed pot.

Joseph makes the clay and forms the piece; his wife does the painting with natural colors.

In this case, the red accent is natural clay slip, and the black design is made from wild spinach plants, steeped, like tea.

The snow-white  clay base is natural to the Acoma region.

The design features Kokopelli, the Life Bringer. In Pueblo lore, he blows the seeds that make all living things.

He is surrounded by all manner of cloud, storm, and rain symbols, that promote a bountiful harvest.

This is a wonderful – and rare – opportunity to acquire an example from some of the finest potters, working today.


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Vegetal Paint, Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slip


2 1/4" diameter | 1" H