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Fluorite Frog Fetish


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“There’s a little purple frog, sittin’ in the water….” an amendment to an old folk song, this appealing little frog isn’t green but a mix of soft purple, grey, pale yellow and a touch of pale blue.

The interesting stone is natural fluorite, and his bright eyes are inlaid jet. He is carved in an upright, sitting position, alertly watching for passing flies, or other goodies.

Frogs are rain-bringers, because of their association with water, therefore also linked to abundance – enough water results in plentiful harvests – and also with fertility (all those wriggling little tadpoles!).

Minimally carved, but delightfully recognizable, this old-style fetish may bring all those results for you, and certainly will bring a smile, all the time.

An additional function: his upright and polished posture makes a super worry-surface. Rub you thumb over his tummy or back once, and you will find it hard to stop.

Abundance, fertility (if you wish), and a beautiful fidget-helper, as well as a finely carved fetish – all in one little charmer!

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Black Jet, Fluorite


1 1/2" high x 1 1/4" wide